To David,

My name is Timea E Nagy.  I am a survivor of Sex Trafficking. I was trafficked 20 years ago from Hungary, Budapest, to Toronto, Canada. Before this life, I was heavily involved in the music industry in Hungary. From the age of 15 I was a VJ, and directed music videos for famous Hungarian stars. Unfortunately due to unforeseen financial family crisis I decided to take a summer job in Canada that changed my life forever. 

I was trafficked in 1998, escaped from my captors went to Hungary for help, but there wasn't any. If anything I was more in danger there. I escaped Hungary and came back to Canada and was hiding for about 2 years before the Police rescued me and helped me to come forward. My healing journey began.

The healing journey happened (still happening) in stages, and took many many years to become the person that I am today.

in 2010 during the second stage of my healing journey I picked up your album.

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