45.8 million people are enslaved today

What is Modern Day Slavery?

Modern Day Slavery is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a human slave! Modern slave masters exploit people through abduction, debt bondage, coercion, fraud, or deception in order to profit from them through labour or sexual servitude.


Signs of Modern Day Slavery

Signs of Modern Day Slavery


  • Being controlled by others, driven to and from locations, and escorted at all times;

  • Being controlled and watched by others, having someone speak for them in public;

  • Not having a passport or other forms of I.D. in their possession;

  • Not having control of their own money or cell phone, may have more than one cellphone in their possession

  • Passport and ID documents confiscated by others

  • Not being familiar with the neighbourhood they live or work in;

  • Being moved frequently; claim to be “new” or “just visiting”

  • Not being allowed to contact family or friends,

  • Lying about age/false ID;

  • Providing scripted or rehearsed answers to casual questions; and

  • Maybe in possession of excess cash outside their financial means and have hotel keys


What can you do?



  • Learn about it!

  • Talk about it!

  • Take action!

  • Find an organization to support!

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